They think it’s all over

Well it is now.

We arrived in Southampton in the dark on Monday morning. The Red Funnel ferry was getting ready. Lorries were in position to start revictualling QE.It was dull and drizzly but the activity around the ship was startling. The luggage was being taken ashore. During the final evening luggage is collected from outside cabins between 5 and 10pm and stored down below. Literally thousands of cases.

Once the ship is tied up, swarms of fork lift trucks buzz about the dock side taking cages full of cases from the ship to the ground floor of the terminal building. There a crew sort them into various colour groupings, so that when passengers come ashore they can find their cases according to the colour allotted to them. Massive numbers of people are involved in the process on the ship and ashore.

By the time we got ashore it was very easy to find the suitcases, and Gary with the taxi and Ian in the Vauxhall arrived simultaneously to whisk us home. Until the next time!


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