Early notice

Many of you are subscribed to this blog. You have added your email address to the Subscribe box on the Home page of smithyscruiseblog.com . It means that when I write a piece about our latest cruise, you receive an email telling you that Smithy has written something. You click and read BUT the big problem is that it doesn’t work now.

WordPress operate the blog and Sam the guru looks after it, but it’s not working properly so he has asked me to publish something so that he can work out what is not working well. And this is it.

But what you should know is that Cunard is looking after us again in May and September 2020. More details to follow once the blog is ship shape.


Back catalogue

Sam is a genius. He has sorted it out. We are live and you are being notified of fresh blogs.

I have written three posts since our last cruise in November and you won’t have been notified of them

18 December 2019 Great Grimsby

20 December 2019 Cleethorpes

16 February 2020 The Diamond Princess

Let me know how you coped with these revelations.