The great ocean

The first of seven days at sea has proved to be very relaxing. Nick Brewer thinks I have too much time on my hands. That may be true because Kim, Jane's companion/carer, is proving to be a gem. She has adapted to life at sea very rapidly and is great company.

There has been a fairly heavy swell throughout the day, as a result of storms to the north, but the movement of ship has not been too dramatic. But having said that, the Entertainments Director has just announced that the musical show due to be performed tonight, is being postponed because of the conditions.

One of our dining companions, John, last night told of the Cunard tour he took yesterday to the Pazo De Oca gardens and a local vineyard. Towards the end of the day at the vineyard John decided to buy some bottles of the local white wine and as he stood in the queue to pay he saw the minibus driving away.

There should have been 12 of them in the bus, but the guide had miscounted. It flashed through Johns mind that the ship would leave without him, and that he would be flying to Antigua to catch up with the ship! In time the bus returned, after one of the guests realised that John was not there.

At the table for dinner, John a widower, evens up the numbers and there are two other couples, Roger and Pat and Peter and Lucinda. It seems to be a very relaxed, easygoing group.


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