La Coruna

We tied up on the berth at 8.00 am on Thursday. It was chilly and misty but the Deputy Captain reported that sunshine was expected later. That proved to be the case.

La Coruna is in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. The port appears to be popular with cruise lines now. We have been here 3 times in the last two years. It is a good stop off port for ships wanting to take a more southerly route to the US or the Caribbean and also good for an early stop on a Mediterranean cruise. The berth is in the city and it’s an easy walk.

La Coruna is only 40 miles north of Santiago de Compostela and the shrine of St James the Apostle. Pilgrims still flock to the tomb and many of our fellow travellers did so today.

We left La Coruna at 5.15 pm GMT on Thursday. We arrive in the dock in Antigua, our next port of call, on the morning of Friday 25 November at 9.00 am local time. There is an excellent PRIZE for anyone who can calculate the average speed that QV will need to achieve to get there on time. I look forward to receiving your responses.

This is the Palacio Municipal in a magnificent square with Jane and Kim.



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