En route to La Coruna

Queen Victoria set sail on Tuesday 15 November 2016 on time at 5.30 pm and we were soon passing Cowes and on our way into the English Channel.

I had completed the packing on Monday with time to spare. I had no choice because on Monday evening I had a black tie dinner in Ampfield and was being collected at 7.00 pm and I knew that I would not be home until late. So it proved, but I was up early on Tuesday to run through the checklists and finalise the labelling.

The journey to the Ocean Terminal and the boarding process were swift. Apart that is from security. Every time I went through the machine there was a buzz. Take off your belt I was told. No good. Take off your shoes. No good. He was particularly officious but it was his job and I kept quiet and did what I was told. He clearly thought I looked suspicious. Me? Angelic me! Get back on the other side and wait he said. I had nothing in my pockets, so what could it be?

Come through again he said for the 5th time, at which point my brain clicked into gear. I was tired. It's the knee – the metal knee! I went through again and still it buzzed. I told jobsworth about the surgery. He looked at me doubtfully. I pulled up my trouser to show him the 5 inch scar vertically down my right knee. OK he said and that was it. (I must remember to take a copy of William Tice's letter to my GP next time I travel).

Strangely, later, at lunchtime, a lady said that she had seen a German passenger at security, who had become very agitated and was shouting after being asked to remove his belt and shoes. He had taken his trousers off and was starting to lower his underpants before they stopped him. He must have met up with the same official.

Tim and Jean Whitehead, on QV's last cruise, had found a suitable table for us in the Britannia Restaurant, after sending photos for me of relevant tables in the area we wanted to be. A table for 8 and it appears to be a lovely group that we have joined.

Kim, Janes companion/carer, has quickly found her way round the ship and we are developing our care plan as we go.

Tonight is Captain Peter Philpott's welcome party. He was Captain of QV for the first leg of the World Voyage in 2014 when we hit a massive gale and had to miss our visit to the Azores on our way to Fort Lauderdale.


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