Off to the Med – 30 August 2015

The drivers reported for duty on time. We were ready, despite the fact that I had wasted 45 minutes earlier, trying to remember where Jane’s drugs were hidden. Prescription drugs of course. In fact I couldn’t remember packing them. So, while Jane was still asleep I had to dig deep into the cases to make sure the drugs were there. I found them in the last case. Relief.

We loaded up the cars, Ian Gordon driving the Vauxhall with Jane and her big power chair aboard. I followed, with all the luggage, in Martin’s taxi. It was an easy run to the Western Docks. Queen Elizabeth was berthed at the refurbished Mayflower Terminal. 
Check in had already started when we arrived. We were rapidly checked in and as we left the desk we found that boarding the ship was about to start. Cunard had decided to board us immediately, rather than making us wait in the terminal. We were directed to the Lido for coffee and were in our cabin half an hour later. It was a great move by Cunard. Lots of happy punters.
The Captain for this voyage is Captain Inger Klein Thorage. She took us last year on Queen Victoria from Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso. She is Cunard’s first ever lady captain. The Entertainment Manager is a new face, Jo Haley. Very good she is too.
It’s a day at sea today. Sunny and hardly a white horse to be seen in the Bay of Biscay. We had lunch on deck In the sun and tonight, after dinner, we will be entertained by the Spinettes.

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