August 2015 update

Plenty has happened since the 175 year celebrations on Queen Elizabeth in May. On 31 May 2015 our first grandchild Ethan James Herring was born to Louise and Red. This was Ethan with his Dad on day one

And this was Ethan on his first foreign holiday with his parents in Majorca at 9 weeks.

He must be hoping that, in time, his parents will be able to afford a somewhat larger tent for future holidays.
Ethan was the main attraction at his grandfather’s 70th birthday party on Queen Elizabeth when he was only 8 weeks old. 

Granny Jane and your blogger are on the move and packing for another adventure on Queen Elizabeth. Linda is again having a holiday in Chandlers Ford and house sitting for us. We are sailing on Sunday (30 August) to the Med on two cruises back to back, the first to the Western Med and the second further east, but more of that later.


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