Mid Atlantic

Mid Atlantic was not good for the internet and my blogs have been incomplete for which I apologise. Parts were published but parts were not.

We are now approaching Antigua and so I hope for more success with blogging. We arrive at Heritage Quay, St Johns early tomorrow.. We are meeting Colin and Marlene Sanders, who have a home in Antigua, and Derek and Jenny Holloway who are staying with the Sanders at the moment. What Colin has in store for us we do not know! I imagine a tour of the island and possibly lunch somewhere and perhaps a beer. We shall see and I will report later.

The last three days on the ship have been really hot. Kim reported seeing hoards of Brits out with their towels bagging sun beds soon after daybreak today. And there are some very red bodies about the place. Some just lie there all day, moving only to get a plateful of food and a pint.

Our table at dinner.


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