International Date Line

We crossed the International Date Line last night at about 2200 hours. There was a slight bump as we went over but no more than that. But sadly Monday 24 February proved to be a nothing day. It was a shame really. It just didn’t happen. I turned on Sky Sports News to find that it was still Monday for you in the UK but we had moved on to Tuesday.

The daily newspaper on the ship said on Sunday 23 February “At midnight tonight the ships clocks will be set forward 24 hours to 25 February. At 2.00am tomorrow morning the clocks will be SET BACk BY ONE HOUR. Please set your watches BACK one hour and your date forward one day before retiring this evening, Sunday 23 February”
As you can imagine, some of the Seniors aboard struggled with that!
It will be interesting to see how many people are early or late for breakfast today or is it tomorrow (or yesterday)?
I was really upset about missing Monday. After all it is the first day of the working week and I know many of you still go to work and I like to think about you on Monday mornings. And I’m sure that I must  have paid Cunard for that Monday and for all the food that I did not have. I feel really sorry for all the people getting off the ship in New Zealand and Australia because they have lost a day in their lives.
We are lucky, though, because after we go to Tonga next month Cunard have promised us that we can have an extra day on them. We will call it 17 March No 2. Presumably the Captain will just switch off the engines and drift about the Pacific to use up the day. We will have to wait and see. 
No, it is not the 1st April today and no, I have not lost my marbles! In fact on 1st April we will be in San Francisco and of course we will meet up with the O’Connell clan.
A couple of weeks ago Jane celebrated her birthday. Thank you for all the good wishes and for the E-cards many of you sent. Because of the slow internet satellite service she was unable to pull them up until today. Clearly the system works better on the left of the International Date Line.

We had a party that day in the cabin and on the balcony. I will attach some photos. A prize for the first person to name the male twins (or should I say twin?). A clue – they are members of RMYC.

Enjoy Monday!

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