Those of you who know me well are aware of the fact that I hate complaining, hate arguments and hate unpleasantness.

I will be careful what I say, but on Tuesday the port was Dubrovnik. A fair number of passengers go off the ship on guided tours, some ( probably only a few) remain on the ship and a large number do their own thing and walk round the port or local town.

If it is a long way to the dock gate or to the local town then a shuttle bus service is provided by Cunard. If the shuttle bus is not wheelchair friendly then Cunard provide adapted vehicles that will take people in wheelchairs to the dock gate or the local town.

All I will say, at this stage, is that when Jane in her wheelchair, Kim and I arrived on the quay from the ship we were told that there were no adapted vehicles to take the 3 of us to Dubrovnik. The day was spent on the quay. 3 unhappy bunnies.


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  1. Jane and I were just recalling the Adriatic cruise that we did with you a few years ago. In Dubrovnik we were first off the ship and walked round the walls before it got too hot and busy. We then had a lovely day in town with a boat trip and a nice lunch. It was my Jane’s birthday and I seem to remember that it cost me a lot in pre dinner champagne for our table !!!

  2. Just looked it up in your archives. The cruise that we did was Sept 2015. You even have our photo on the Dubrovnik day !!

  3. That’s dreadful! You often have these kind of issues and it shouldn’t happen. Cunard are not looking after you loyal customers!

  4. Lovely to hear from you and sending love to you both and very best to Kim.
    How annoying this must have been and such a waste of precious time….might there be other places where you’ve got proper transport booked?? I could ring Cunard at carnival house…. However I wouldn’t want to interfere if you don’t wish me to…
    Just done a back to back on board QM2… crew still adjusting to the aftermath of lockdown etc
    R xx

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