Di and Jim Pain are 2 of our table companions at Dinner. They live in Rutland but both originate from Leicester. During a conversation early in the cruise I mentioned the name of a friend of ours, Mike Yeomans. Di immediately said that as a teenager she had had a friend with that name. She asked if my friend came from Leicester. I was not sure but Di gave me the name of the school ‘her’ Mike Yeomans had attended.

I emailed Mike and he replied that he had indeed gone to that school and that he had lived with an aunt in Leicester at the time. His parents had gone to Wales as a result of a job move. So he was indeed the same Mike Yeomans who Di remembered.

The next night Jim Pain said the Pain family had lost contact with a cousin whose father had died at a young age many years ago. The boy’s mother decided, on her husbands premature death, to move with her children, back to Southampton, where her family still lived.

After that, the Pains in Leicester, lost all contact. Jim thought that the boy had probably become a lawyer. Jim couldn’t remember the boy’s name but his surname was Pain. ‘Grant Pain’ I said. I remembered a boy with that name when I was at prep school. Jim confirmed that that was his cousin’s name. I had not seen or heard of Grant Pain for 50+ years. I said I would do what I could to get contact details.

I thought that Max S-C was possibly a friend of Grant and emailed him. He replied instantly and confirmed Grant’s contact details.

So I knew Di’s friend from the 1960’s and Jim’s cousin from the 1960’s but to cap it all, when I told Mike Yeomans that I had located Grant Pain he told me that he and Grant had worked together as Solicitors for the Southampton Town Clerks department for about 5 years in the late sixties.

I have left it to Jim Pain to make contact with his long lost cousin.


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