At sea en route to Venice

Every time I exhibit a photo of a warship my young friend Nicholas Brewer, a retired very senior RAF Officer (he tells me – I’ve never seen his medals or his uniform) immediately researches and tells me it’s history. So here is a little competition for him.

This morning we were here and this vessel appeared and seemed to be protecting us. What is her name and which navy?

In the morning we glide into Venice. By 7.15am we should be passing St Marks Square.

More to report in the morning.


2 Replies to “At sea en route to Venice”

  1. Lovely old ship – have got details, will send – only when requested!!

    Enjoy Venice – hoping very much that Jane can get about a bit there too??
    There’s a typical, rather more one star than 5, very small Trattoria just behind the Golden Tower /Pole thing (!!) – near the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, on the Main Canal – beside the St Georges Anglican Church
    Have you been to the island of Torcello (and Harry’s Bar there) before?

    Please do give my very best to Marco in Purser’s domain…
    Love to you both, R .

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