At sea en route to Valencia

I have to tell you about a very worrying incident that occurred last night. Jane woke at about 3.30am. She needed some medication and woke me. This particular drug is kept in the kitchen at home and in my sleepy state I went to the cabin door and out into the corridor thinking I was on the way to the kitchen. I was completely starkers. Luckily Jane realised what was happening and screamed at me to come back, which I did.

The door was a second away from closing itself. I would have been out in the corridor with no key, no mobile and no clothes. Jane couldn’t have let me back in, nor could she have contacted anyone. My only option would have been a trip down six decks to reception! That wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience for the pretty young lady who manages reception at night.


6 Replies to “At sea en route to Valencia”

  1. You should have gone to reception anyway — what a story that would have been. Arrested and sent home from the next port!!!
    Well done — Steve

  2. Quel Horreur! Well Done, Jane

    (One for the Suggestions sheet:
    Where are the phones and possibly some spare white dressing gowns – on the passenger decks?
    They are in the Launderettes!!)

    Love to you both

  3. Best you get done Jim-jams as soon as you arrive in Valencia. We don’t want you in the brig for scaring the night receptionists!

  4. The jury seems split on this! I suppose it depends in what condition you were in when appearing at the receptionists desk… mentally of course!

  5. It’s a horrible image, a naked Smithy wandering the deserted nighttime decks in the nude like some ghostly apparition.
    You won’t get on the Captain’s table doing stuff like that !!

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