A couple of days ago I pointed out that my late father was born on 6 April 1914 and would have been 100 on Sunday.  When I mentioned this at dinner on Sunday evening one of our dinner companions, John Thompson from Sheffield, said that his father was born on the same day in the same year.  An amazing coincidence.  Three men at the table, two of whom have fathers born on the same day. Could someone please tell me what the odds are of that happening?

We will be transiting the Panama Canal tomorrow, Thursday.  In 2012 Jane and I did the transit on Queen Elizabeth in the other direction.  My blog for Cunard can either be located at the beginning of this blog or on – you then need to search under Queen Elizabeth Panama or under Richard Smith or under Special Guests (Yes that’s me!)
We are 7 hours behind the UK at the moment but if the ships webcam is working you should be able to get some decent views of the Canal.  The transit will take about 10 hours but I am not sure what time we will start – probably 0800ish.
There are also webcams by the Canal which can be found on – we will be waving continuously.
Don’t forget that although we will be transiting from the Pacific to the Atlantic (Caribbean) we will be travelling from the East to the West (Geddit?).

 Not many people know that!

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