There’s nothing as strange as………

There is an attractive lady on board who has been married and divorced 4 times. I suppose that in itself is not particularly extraordinary. I’m sure that over the years we have heard of numerous actors and actresses who have managed that number and more.

When I used to make a penny or two out of the divorce business, the best I managed was a man who had two divorces which I looked after, married a third time and remained happily married for the rest of his days.

The story here, though, is that for a number of years after the last divorce, the lady had another lengthy relationship with a man, but she brought that relationship to an end some five or six months ago.

The lady decided to move to a different country and to take up a new occupation. And then she decided to sail on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth and that’s how we met her.

Once she was on the ship she started to receive anonymous gifts which were delivered to her stateroom. She says that it was obvious to her that they were being sent by her estranged partner. Then after a few days at sea he appeared. He had secretly booked himself onto the same cruise as her in the hope that he could persuade her to resume their relationship.

The man concerned appears to be having some success in re establishing the relationship, despite the lady telling us that that would not happen!

Watch this space.


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