The Rewind Project

The blog needs a small rewind. I asked you if you recognised four gentlemen who appeared on stage on QE last week. Jean Whitehead from Torquay had seen them on a Cunard ship in the past but couldn’t recall their name. ‘Project’ on its own was not good enough. Sorry Jean!

They are The Rewind Project.

The lead singer is Mick Wilson formerly of 10cc.

Nigel Freer will know him and his guitar.

Some twenty men and women have been members of 10cc over the years, but Mick was a member for a long time – 1999 to 2017. The Rewind Project drummer was a member of the Moody Blues for years, but I’ve forgotten his name. I wrote all the names down on the back of an envelope but cannot locate it! If anyone can remember their names, please let me know so that I can update this.

The Rewind Project played twice in the Royal Court Theatre to standing ovations. Bearing in mind that the vast majority of the passengers on this voyage appeared to be older than me, the band did well to get them rocking in the aisles!

They were brilliant and it was announced that they would appear twice on the last night before Southampton in the Queens Room – the ship’s ballroom and large party venue.

On the last night they were to play for 45 minutes for those who eat their dinner early and then again at 10.30 for 45 minutes for the late diners, us included.

When we arrived at the Queens Room many of those who had heard the band, left their seats to enable the newcomers to have a drink and enjoy the band. We were ready behind a group of 4 waiting for them to leave.

When they showed little inclination to move, to check that they were indeed overstaying their welcome, I asked one of them if they had enjoyed the band. Yes they had, he said, but it he made it clear that they were not moving.

I have nothing against the Dutch. I have met quite a number of Dutch people over the years and have enjoyed their company. Some of you have children who have married Dutch people and they are delightful.

Suffice it to say that this bunch (I have no idea what their nationality was or is!) refused to move. To extend their stay they ordered a round of drinks – tap water, with ice of course, from an unhappy waiter.

You can see Jane stuck behind a pillar. The lady at the front was so conscious of the fact that we were waiting for her chair, she hung onto it! The good looking man sprawled out on the left was rated the worst dressed man on the ship in an earlier competition. I think I have another photo of him.

Yes there he is with his lovely wife. A very attractive couple I think you will agree. I’m sure they enjoyed their evening!

Despite all these diversions, The Rewind Project were terrific. They have clearly found a nice niche. Yes a nice niche.


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  1. The Rewind Project were on Queen Victoria in August and on the last evening they played one session in the Queens Room from 9.15 until about midnight. It was the best ever guest artist on Cunard ships.
    How do you get over the complete ban on photography in the theatre ?

  2. Hello Richard. The Rewind Project unfortunately do not have any CD’s for sale as their performance of “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” was better than The Moody Blues live and studio versions that I have since purchased. I have found out the following information about The Rewind Project :-

    The Rewind Project – Lead Singer + Guitar – Mick Wilson – From 10cc. Toured with Cliff Richard

    The Rewind Project – Drums + Vocals – Gordy Marshall – From The Moody Blues. Toured with Jeff Wayne

    The Rewind Project – Keyboard + Vocals – Patrick Duffin – Writes TV music – Come Dine With Me (Theme) – Loose Women (Theme)

    The Rewind Project – Lead Guitar + Vocals – Nothing known

    1. The lead guitarist is Nick Kendall, one of the best guitarists around. Comes from South Africa but now lives in London. He also performs with the band Go Now, who play the Moody Blues hits. The other members of the Rewind Project are in the same band

  3. We watch you on the queen Vic last Dec Fantastic I bought your CD I asked you had done Warner hotels as I remembered a group with your name and you said yes and you may do some more if Nantwich is one I will be there hope to see you then Francis

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