Ships and the Spinettes

By the time we had returned to the ship from the Hermitage there were five other ships in the basin.

St Petersburg is clearly a very popular place for cruise ships. I can’t recall ever seeing that number in a European port at the same time (OK – P&O had all 7 of their ships in Southampton recently but that was different).

The Regal Princess
 The Costa Luminosa
 The MSC Orchestra
 The Aida Mar
 The Marco Polo
And of course to make up the half dozen, the finest ship of them all –
 The Queen Elizabeth
Wednesday was a sea day and the evenings entertainment was provided by the Spinettes. Three young ladies who sing 40s/50s/60s music. They were excellent. They had performed at the lunch launching the 175 celebrations on Queen Mary 2 in Southampton two weeks ago.


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