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Louise in Tooting reported a strange presentation of my blog when she received an email notification of a new piece. Very large images and very small print. You may have received something similar. If you click on the blog itself there appears to be no problem.

Luckily I am seeing Sam, the blog guru, in Majorca tomorrow. I am sure he will sort it out.

Today, Sunday has been beautiful. Small ripples on the Mediterranean Sea that we entered at about 7.00am and clear blue skies. There will be a number of red bodies around the ship tonight.

We were about 55 miles away from Malaga as we passed this morning and we then turned towards Majorca. The Captain says that we will pick up our pilot at 7.00am tomorrow and should be on the berth in Palma at 8.00am. Those wanting to watch as Queen Elizabeth passes Portals Nous will need to be up early!


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