After a day at sea reminding ourselves about the taste of good food (Jane has to suffer recipes created by me – with the assistance of Waitrose, M&S and Cook – when we are not at sea) and also reminding ourselves of our favourite venues on the ship we arrived this morning (Thursday 11 May) in Gothenburg.

We thought we had been here before, but when we studied the map of the city we realised we had not.

On our last cruise there was a major problem in Dubrovnik when no adapted shuttle buses were provided. It is recorded earlier in the blog. I was livid and my displeasure was made very clear at the time. I thought that Cunard would have learned from that. I was wrong!

When it is too far to walk from the ship to the city, Cunard supply shuttle buses to get everyone there. And for those who are totally dependant on wheelchairs they supply either buses with ramps/lifts or vehicles adapted to take a number of wheelchairs at time.

That is what they used to do and what they should still do.


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  1. That is too bad. So sorry the cruise gas got off to a difficult start. Is it worth asking for a meeting with the Captain? Don’t they know who you are?? Chin up. N

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