We are in the middle of a very busy six days. No sea days and 6 ports in 6 days!

Jane and I had never been to Dubrovnik, even in its Yugoslavia days. We cannot remember why that was, but we were looking forward to this visit.
Dubrovnik is on the Dalmation coastline of the Adriatic at the southern end of Croatia.

It has had an eventful history and many of us recall that the differences between Serbs and the Croats led to a horrible war less than 25 years ago. Thousands of people were killed and there were numerous massacres and atrocities.

Dubrovnik has its Old City, a Unesco World Heritage site, and in 1991, during the war, it was targeted on a number of occasions.

Churches, monasteries and palaces were damaged, but remarkably the war damage has in the main been repaired.

People told us that we would find it impossible to negotiate the Old City with Jane’s chair, but they were wrong. What we could not do was walk the walls, but that did not matter. There was plenty to see and halfway through our exploration we came across the old harbour and watched the activities on the water with beer and coffee.

Inside the walls there are numerous alfreso eating areas, small boutiques and a main traffic free street – Placa. A Dominican Monastery, a Serbian Orthodox Church and the Sponza Palace can be found as you pass along the Main Street.
Dubrovnik is an exceptional place and if you have not been there, it should be included in your bucket list. But do bear in mind that it can get crowded.
That night we celebrated Jane Houghton’s birthday in the Commodore Club. Plenty of excellent champagne before dinner.

Jane with husband Andy. 
Andy and I watched the Saints v Man United on TV in the pub on Sunday. He has not stopped reminding me of the score. I remind him that their first goal should have been disallowed for off side which would have made it a draw!


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