I’m now recognised for my blogging expertise. I wanted my readers to be the first to know that.

A retired Captain (of industry rather than of the sea), Nigel Freer, wanted to set a up a blog. I respect his opinions (well I do sometimes) and if he wanted my help I must be an expert. (The truth is that I didn’t set up this blog. Sam did, but Nigel doesn’t need to know that).

I did have the WordPress App and in reality that’s all I needed.

Nigel and his lovely wife Linda are off to New Orleans in early May for a Blues tour. They will drive north to Chicago, fly to Seattle and then drive to LA.

Nigel and Linda realised that a blog would be a great way to keep a record of the trip and enable them to communicate their whereabouts and their exploits to their massive family.

This is most of them. The blog is at I am positive it will be good and worth signing up for email reminders.

Have a great trip Mr and Mrs Freer.


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