I’m learning the process slowly. A lovely doctor rang today with a detailed explanation. Most of it I didn’t understand but she promised to let me have a written report.

What I did understand is that they want some more of my bone marrow. The last lot looked ok to me, but apparently it was lacking something.

I think that it will be extracted next week. Then it will be sent for analysis and it could be 6/8 weeks before a conclusion is reached and treatment is decided upon.

In the meantime it will be weekly blood tests and, if necessary, blood transfusions.


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    1. I think I’m there every Tuesday! Look forward to it and to the lecture you will no doubt deliver about my lifestyle to date!

  1. So good to read that the professionals are ‘on the case’, Richard. All my Googling keeps referring to Anaemia and ‘what not to eat and drink – tea, coffee ….. and wine’. Ah, well can’t win them all! On, on – Wendy sends love and best wishes, N

  2. Good to hear update.
    Hope you get tests done quickly and treatment plan sorted to find out what is needed and get it started r Best wishes Richard. Dilys.

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