Three sea days from Southampton

It’s unusual to have the first 3 days at sea on a Cunard voyage unless you are sailing in a westerly direction. On voyages to the Med usually day 3 is spent in La Coruna or Oporto or Lisbon or Cadiz. This time the cruise planners at Cunard decided to take us through the Bay of Biscay, down the coast of Portugal and Spain ignoring all the usual stops.

The B of B was choppy, but with stabilisers out, the ships movement was minimal. On Wednesday (day 3) it was sunny and the sea was flat; in the early afternoon the ship swung gently to port and Morocco was soon on our starboard side. The sun was out and the modern buildings close to the coast looked bright and the beaches looked good.

On the port side Portugal and Spain appeared to be gloomy and wet and as we passed the Rock of Gibraltar it was shrouded in cloud.

It reminded me that back in January, on the Queen Elizabeth, the weather was so appalling that the Captain decided against taking the ship into Gibraltar.

Our first port is Cartagena where we will arrive at 8.00am tomorrow – Thursday morning.


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  1. So good to know you are there…,expect you will enjoy the Med…. Just watching the service (St Paul’s) for the other QE.

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