The USA – Part 2

Many years ago, when Jane had the use of her hands, she digitised all the photos that I had taken during the 1965 USA trip. When we were in Milwaukee I had bought a reasonably good camera. I am telling you this because, since I wrote Part 1, I have found many more of the photos I took that summer.

I have also found a photo I have not seen before of the Captains table on Queen Mary on my voyage from Southampton to New York. My father had invited me to sit at his table in First Class one night and father had taken my dinner jacket so that I was properly dressed for the evening. Before dinner he had a cocktail party in his cabin for his dinner guests and he told the story against himself of capsizing the new sailing dinghy he had bought me and my sister Liz some years earlier.

I’m the young one second from the left sitting next to the pretty lady. Father is fourth from the right.

Before I start the story of the 10,000 mile car trip in Part 3, I will show you a few more photos of those first few weeks working in Milwaukee.

This building was near the Plaza Hotel, Milwaukee. Lake Michigan was just beyond it.

The beach where Julian and I spent some weekends
By Lake Michigan

This is Roger Bialcik at the lake in northern Wisconsin, where we spent the final weekend before we set off on the USA tour

And some more photos of the lake

Julian with his camera.
The hammock where I spent the night

After that interlude we will move to the next instalment which will take us to California and our activities there. Just to remind you, 1965 was the year when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were touring the US. As our hair was longer than the standard crew cut of young US men, there were a number of occasions where we were thought to be the famous musicians. But more of that later. On to Part 3.


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  1. Wow, who is that good looking young guy. Oh , that’s me. And our War Memorial Center by Eero Saarinen . Still one of our most important pieces of architecture. As for the young guy, that’s another story. Roger

      1. I don’t know. I’ll have to give her a call. You know, she’s in her own little world up there. I’m anxious to show these photos to Don, my older brother. I’m sure he’ll get a big kick out of them . Moody lake doesn’t look the same today. No power boats aloud on the lake anymore so the seaweed has taken over. I’ll be up there for Labor Day . September 4.
        Hope to get your way sometime in late September or October. Are you at home anytime then? Thanks. Roger

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