The case of the missing trays

Does anyone know what happened to Cunard’s passenger trays? (This is a waiters tray)

It is a real mystery. I understand that the trays vanished from Queen Mary 2 initially. I can only think that it was a sort of virus that somehow destroyed the trays. I think they were wooden. They were to be found in the self service food areas (known as The Lido in QE and QV). It seems that the virus then spread to Queen Elizabeth and when we boarded Queen Victoria 10 days ago we found it had spread here.

It is difficult to comprehend how this can have happened because there are plenty of hand bacterial units all over the ships and ashore and we are all encouraged to use them, particularly in the Lido area. It may be that the trays have gone into hiding to avoid catching the virus. Perhaps one of you knows how we can kill off this virus and encourage them out of hiding.

After we boarded the ship on the 8 June, while waiting for our luggage to be delivered to our stateroom, we went to the Lido for some lunch. I noticed that the trays were not in their usual place. I asked a waiter if he could find one for me. He told me that they had disappeared. He thought trays had been in the Lido before the ship went to Sicily for the recent refit. They were certainly there when we were last on QV just before Christmas last year. Is the explanation to be found in Sicily? The Mafia?

Please email me on if you have an answer to this mystery.


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