QUEEN ANNE – her Maiden Voyage

She had arrived at last!

The latest Cunard liner Queen Anne sails up Southampton Water on her first visit to her home port

The transport arrived on time. Jane Strother to drive the adapted Peugeot and Shaun of Radio Taxis with his massive van to carry me and all the equipment.

We were soon on our way. The two drivers chose completely different routes but arrived at the Mayflower Terminal at exactly the same time.

There were hoards of people queuing to get into the terminal. The wheelchair helps to get you to the front, and after some cross examination about whether we had completed the wheelchair forms correctly, we were through to security.

You know the form – laptops out the bags, Rolexes off and disappearing into boxes worryingly going in different directions to you and your trousers round your ankles because the belt has been removed. And then the hassle of recovering them all and getting dressed while others behind want you out the way.

But the whole process was almost painless, even for an irritable old man who thinks he ought to be first on board.

Then the young man greets you as you step aboard Cunard’s latest ship Queen Anne

More tomorrow!


6 Replies to “QUEEN ANNE – her Maiden Voyage”

  1. You Made It- Bravo and Thank You!!
    Looking for so much to what promises to be a super descriptive message!
    Our Love to Liverpool please and make sure that they don’t make embarkation ramp too steep.
    ( please don’t worry about details!!!
    Just so pleased you are on board and love to you ‘all’ – R
    PS will try and compare notes next time QA taking us to Rome and back 7th June

    1. Rosie – we don’t go to Liverpool! The maiden is down to Lisbon and the next is to the Canaries. We then leave the ship on 24 May and it’s the 3rd voyage that takes in Liverpool where the Naming is to take place.

      1. So sorry to have got the wrong itinerary(!) you are very lucky I’m not navigating!!!

        It will be so good to hear your thoughts – regarding colours and positions and plans and other possible echoes of earlier Cunard stairways etc.
        We met the Design team on board QM2 last year – they were very clear about ‘no history’ however the reminders seem to be of the Sixties and QE2 etc.

        Much love to you both and very much looking forward to your thoughts

  2. Well done getting on board quickly.The sail away shown on tv looked terrific. We look forward to hearing more about the voyage !

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