QE2 is fondly remembered by thousands of Cunard supporters. Many still crave information about her and her future as she floats alongside her berth in Dubai. Rumours abound and no doubt before long we will know what is to happen to her.

As a result of my Cunard family connection, I am from time to time sent a variety of pieces of Cunard information and recently I was sent a link to a YouTube video entitled “QE2 – The Last Great Liner”. I started to watch the film, which was telling the story of the construction of the ship and the fact that QE2 broke down on her sea trials. After she  struggled back to Southampton, Cunard refused to accept delivery and there was talk of her being sold.

The film showed the work that was done to strengthen the faulty turbines, thereby resolving the issue. And then, on the film, up popped my late father, Captain George Smith standing on QE2’s bridge. For years I have trawled through old film of Cunarders hoping to see images of the old man but have never managed to spot him. And there he was, on the day Cunard accepted delivery of Queen Elizabeth 2, just as I remember him. These are stills from the film. Father has the four stripes and the bearded chap in the grey suit is Captain Bil Warwick. His son Ron Warwick became a Cunard Captain and was also Captain of the QE2 before becoming the first Captain of Queen Mary 2 and Commodore of the fleet.

If you search YouTube for “QE2 – The Last Great Liner” and then fast forward to the 20th minute you will find the moving images. After I had I sent the link to my sister Liz she said she felt somewhat emotional when she watched the film. Father died more than 30 years ago and as we didn’t have cine cameras in the family at that time, there will be very few moving images of him.


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