Dinner Companions

We were very lucky with the group who arrived at Table 311 in the Britannia Restaurant that first evening 17 days ago. This is the group

In the front and closest to the camera is Jeff (with a J) and, clockwise next is his lady Edwina (Eddie), then Kim, Jane, me, Terry (with a Y), Terri (with an I) and Sandy.

They were all great fun and we enjoyed their company enormously.

This is Eddie, with Jane, during the departure from Gibraltar


3 Replies to “Dinner Companions”

  1. Nice jacket, Smithy. I see Capt Hashmi relaxed the dress regs – around ties anyway. I wonder if Capt George Smith would do likewise – perhaps not in those days!

  2. It’s Cunard who relaxed the tie rule for informal nights. Most of us still wear ties but I found that all the ties I brought with me were striped which didnt work with a striped jacket and a striped shirt! I have another striped jacket too! You are right – Captain Smith would not have approved.

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