12 January 2014 Fort Lauderdale and Miami

The immigration authorities at Fort Lauderdale performed as they usually do – very slowly. There were not enough of them and some of our fellow passengers had to wait three and a half hours before they could leave the ship. We were lucky because Jane was in her wheelchair and the US authorities do give preference to those in wheelchairs, but despite that it still took us just over an hour to get through.

Chris and Jenny Branston were waiting for us as we emerged from the terminal building. Then it was off to the Intercontinental Hotel, Doral in Miami to locate Roger Bialcik. That was easy and Roger emerged from the hotel as soon as we arrived. We think that it was 17 years since we last met but our memories are not as good as they were. Chris drove us to the old Pan Am Terminal building on the waterfront – now the Miami City Hall. an Art Deco buiding. It was by the water because the original Pan Am planes were seaplanes and the would taxi across the bay to the terminal ashore.

Jane and Roger 
Chris Branston
Jenny Branston
Typical Art Deco at South Beach

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